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How to find us

Metallgestaltung Widdermann
OT Hohenprießnitz
Dübener Straße 26
04838 Zschepplin

Demonstration Smithy

By means of our demonstration smithy we present ourselves mainly on market places and public events. In this manner we show the audience the making of simple wrought iron tools or items of daily use in an entirely pristine way.

Also, time and again, we are pleased to demonstrate the embossing of commemorative badges, pendants, etc. Thereby, the observer gains an imagination of the traditional metalsmith’s trade, its diversity of processing techniques, and may acquire the objects seen in the presentation at our associated stand.

Upon special request, we also make simple axes and knives within such a show.

Courses in forging

Our courses in forging are laid out individually.

First and foremost we offer courses in forging knives.

A knive forged by oneself is something very special; if proper care is applied, it can become a lifelong companion.

We gladly make personal appointments for the day-long course ‘Forging knives - simple blade’. Apart from that, coupons for the courses are available anytime.

The course usually takes place on a weekend and comprises the complete material, a snack for lunchtime and coffee/beverages. The finished knife may then be taken home by the course participant.

Some basic prior knowledge in metal design is desirable for this course. Depending on the extend of knowledge and skill of the course participant, the smith will take over parts of the necessary forging works.

In any casee, the participant is part of the entire making of his knife and experiences its genesis.

The smith will also be delighted if the participant already brings along some idea of how his knive/piece of work is supposed to look (size, form - possibly a sketch).

Upon request, different items may also be forged, yet this likewise depends on the knowledge and skill of the participant.